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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  November 12, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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starts right now. good morning and thank you for joining us this monday morning, let's check your weather, we go to steve paulson. >> thank you, we missed you too. >> it is cold out there, mostly sunny, partly cloudy skies, otherwise look for a gradual warmup, mainly 60s, here is sal. >> it looks good getting out to the high-rise, and also the morning commute is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza, let's go back to the desk. two men from concord are lucky to be alive after their car fell from a freeway overpass. here is more on what police say
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caused this crash. good morning, alley. two people were able to walk away from this virtually uninjured. it happened in panola directly behind us on the southbound side. a driver crashed through, fell off the bridge and his car landed completely upside down in the far lane of interstate 880. they arrested the guy on suspect -- suspicion of drunk driving. he declined to go to the hospital after the accident. for most of the overnight hours, they worked to repair a 20-foot section of that barrier that collapsed during the crash. police are investigating the exact circumstances and they believe the driver was coming south, just exited the freeway, and then over shot that turn
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tried to make a crash and they finished that repair work, and people driving in the north and southbound directions should not notice anything and we should not have any problems getting through here. >> 5:01 police are investigating the death of a man found unconscious inside of a trash can. a woman found him while taking out her trash. she called police immediately and that's where he died. police have identified him as lopez. ktvu channel 2 morning news will bring you a live report from the scene. police want to know how he ended up in that trash can. they ended a strike in knob
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hills and neither side is saying if they are making progress and even customers have mixed feelings about this strike. >> i have to work hard and nobody gives me any benefits. >> we have to cross the line. i explained i don't want to do this but it is necessary. >> negotiations lasted more than so hours. frustration is growing where homes and businesses are without power of a two weeks. they say it is unsafe to reconnect some 55,000 homes and businesses and some angry people took to the streets, about 14,000 new jersey residents are still without
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electricity. in just a few hours, the peak will end. the wildfire danger has gone because of the cooler temperatures and the rain a burn suspension has also been lifted and it has to be cleared first with the local fire officials. senator dianne finestein said it hit her like a lightning bolt when general david petraeus suddenly resigned because he was having an affair. coming up, how the fbi found out about the general david petraeus affair and the timing of the fbi's revelations. and a somber ceremony at
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arlington national cemetery... >> a wreathe was laid by president barack obama at the tomb of the unknowns and he said he will never forget the sacrifices that were made by them and their families. they toppled a dictator and greatly diminished it. dedicated a flagpole and shelters founder said 15th of homeless are homeless men. afterwards a service will be held to pray for current service members. >> a flyover capped over the dedication for the veterans memorial and almost 2000 people showed up and they feet you are granite slabs each representing
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the cemetery. the memorial will feature brick pavers with veteran's names and they say they are still taking orders on the engravings. we have interviews with some of the families of the fallen heros. just scroll down to the video player. >> it is a veterans day video player, check on it sal. >> some people have to go, we will be watching for any troubled spots that may arise. let's look at westbound, that looks good heading out to the mcarthur maze and definitely people are heading out and it does not look like it is holiday yet. but the bay bridge toll plaza looks light and in the south bay, on 280 northbound that, traffic looks good getting up
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to downtown san jose. it is cold up there, that little system, maybe that rain from fort brag north and high clouds, light rain in northern men seen know -- mendocino county. it seems possible here in livermore and a little easterly breeze and northerly breeze, so it is coming from land to sea. these systems will continue to ride up and over and finally sit here until it gets kicked in. that might not be until the end of the weekend. so you can see how everything stays north. ukiah, fort brag never makes it south. in fact, as the next system comes in, by mid-week we will
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be near 70 degrees. a cold morning, no doubt, 50s and 60s, everybody will be on the same page here. 60s, low-to-mid, not much of a difference. although santa cruz will be the warmest at 67 degrees. wednesday and thursday, increasing clouds, most likely the system waits until sunday and monday. 5:07 is the time, an incredible story for him and what may lead to the north. also we will be right back. good morning, northbound 101, that traffic looks good, we will tell you more straight ahead. ♪
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. we have been checking bridges around, so far so good as you cross the bay. election news is continuing because the race for the supervisor's seat is too close to call.
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board of education president norman yeah has 11,000 924 votes. election workers say there are 24,000 provisional ballots left to count. they estimate there is still more to come. and people who registered at dmv offices found themselves not able to vote. the federal read motor law enacted requires the dmv the ability to vote but sometimes the applications don't always make it to the registrar of voters. this morning in syria, a fighter jet bammed a part of syria near the turkish border. now the force of the blast shattered shop windows.
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all of this comes as anti government troops reached a deal under pressure from the international community. well another insider attack led a u.s. coalition and an afghan army soldier shot and killed a british shoulder. 60 service members have been killed so far in about 45 of the so called insider attacks. they are raising questions about how affectively they can train afghans to take over security of the of a dance in 20 -- afghans in 2014. and shocking accusations of general david petraeus after he admitted an extra marital affair. they are tell us why who knew what and when.
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there is questions including some congressional leaders have not been told earlier. paula broad well sent harassing e-mails to the director and now dianne finestein plans on investigating. >> this is something that could have had an affect on national security and i think we should have been told. >> reporter: and now eric can't tore spoke about the general's a fair and closed hearings on libya are set to begin and that leaves many republicans with more questions than answers. more in the next hour, ktvu channel 2 morning news. a memorial will be held this weekend for a brentwood man killed in a plane crash. a celebration of david beanie,
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they were killed october nearby ron. a memorial was held at the byron airport. the president of washington state university has claimed investigations saying mike leach abused players. it comes as mark wilson quit the team. he is accused of humiliating and abusing players. >> the road scholar is waiting to hear if he will be able to get a private jet. they plan a run for the cross country championship in louisville and that's the same day as his road scholar in seattle. he will have to have a private jet to make it happen.
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they are looking into whether or not a private jet can be provided without break any ncaa rules. 5:15 is the time let's check in with sal. it is a pretty decent drive many people have the day off, we'll see about that, this is a look at interstate 880 and some schools are out so that may help. things look good in the coliseum, both in the north and the southbound direction. westbound bridge, no major trouble as you are driving into the city. it should be easy at this point. and this is northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 and traffic is getting along nicely. >> high clouds, cold, 40s
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popping up. it is going to be a fight between a couple of weak pressure and high pressure -- weak systems and high pressure. 30s and 40s if it was not for a little breeze, higher clouds are taking the edge off but you can see where the line is being drawn. north bay partly cloudy skies, our forecast keeps everything to the north. it looks good, but we will start to warm up as these systems come through and high pressure builds back in and everything stays to the north maybe six or seven days out and i will wait until i see the whites of its eyes. a cold morning though, temperatures, 50s and 60s, mainly a lot of low 60s.
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santa cruz will be the warmest san mateo 62, warmer afternoon highs, then increasing clouds, sometime on the weekend, we get some clouds, maybe some light rain and this is where a heavier system comes in. european markets are mixed in early trading so far. investors are worrying about indicating information about china's economy which may be speeding up again. they have losses overnight and japan is down nearly 1%, and china and hong kong bust the trend and have some small gains on that report. checking in on our numbers, friday's close, up a little bit and we'll see what happens this week when we have some more economic reports as we get closer to the end of the year.
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apple and taiwan have agreed to sign a 10 year licensing agreement that will expand to each patent they hold. all right, pam, time now 5:18 the chp is launching a new crackdown on drivers and how the focus is on drivers who are unking as they drive. -- who are unking as they drive. >> >> and don't forget, you can get your wake-up call and information send straight to your phone. all you have to do is text
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70123. ñ
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. welcome back, taking you back to italy, the city's high tide mark, they are at its highest and about 70% of venice is under water and in tuscan day any, 200 people have been
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evacuated. they have triggered land slides, destroyed vineyards and olive groves. they come to a close and the cooler temperatures we are having brings a new concern for local firefighters. they say when the weather gets cool, a number of house fires goes up and that's because a lot of people are lighting space heaters. the new house on sonia i was destroyed after the homeowner lit his fireplace for heat. >> the reality of this situation is how fast a fire can destroy your house. look at all the damage it causes from sparks coming out of the fireplace. >> in a 24 hour period they responded to four house fires all related to people trying to heat their homes. gay marriage opponents say they will quote make starbucks pay after they supported a gay
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marriage measure. they already have 50,000 people who say they will not purchase starbucks products. the majority will not be pleased to know their money is being used it advance gay marriage in society and they will plan to let others know about their stance on the issues. and on wednesday, the air resources will hold its first auction under the cap and trade law. big polluters will account for pollutions but they can sell them. they will help drive california towards a clean energy campaign. and they are cracking down on drivers who are sleepy
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behind the wheel. it is almost as dangerous as driving drunk and after 17 hours of driving, it is as dangerous as those who have a .7 alcohol level. drowsy driving deaths were very high in 2010. >> i get on the road at 3:00 a.m., i am drowsy, i'm sorry. >> i am going to have a cup of coffee, let's take a look at what we have, traffic is moving along pretty well and as we have been mentioning, northbound 280, getting to highway 17 looks good, we may have some schools out today. southbound 608 to sunole -- 680 looks good as you get to the bottom of the hill.
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43 in ocean beach, for some it is not bad and for others it is cold out there. overall it will be mostly sunny partly sunny to the north, mainly 60s, pam. >> all right, steve, coupling up next, -- coming up next, the bay area connection which was once at the supreme court. coming up why the president thinks he should support higher taxes. and they are putting homeless women on alert, stay tuned for more.
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. well, good morning to you, it is november 12th, it is veterans day. thank you for waking up with us, it is almost 5:30, it is very chilly out there. although some of the higher clouds are holding that temperature up, it is partly cloudy skies to the north, 60s on the temperatures for everybody. in fact the warmest will be in santa cruz around 67. here is sal. everything looks good with no major problems, dumbarton looks good as you drive over to the peninsular. and on 608 southbound -- 680
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southbound, we have a nice drive on the sunole grade, let's go back to the desk. homeless women are being asked to take extra precautions as police are tracking down killer. here is the story of a young woman who has many people on edge, tara? >> reporter: well we are standing in the alleyway where a woman was brutally stabbed to death. now homeless women are being warned to remain on alert here. these are photographs of mckayla, a 24-year-old young mother who was attacked. she had recently become homeless, investigators believe she was likely killed where she was found, stabbed several times with a blade isn't instrument.
5:31 am
and in the -- blade instrument. her former boyfriend and father of her two-year-old son said he left the victory outreach christian recovery home on october 11th with a man she met in santa rosa. now police are working in the area in humboldt county to see if they can come up with any leads. some say they knew mckayla had been asked to remain vigilant for their own safety. the family of a man found dead in the hayward body shop are now demanding answers. they are holding a candle light vigil and last night this was to call attention to his death. they discovered his body inside an abandoned auto repair shop. family members said they did not take his appearance seriously. >> none of us know what
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happened. that is the hardest part of the whole thing. we don't have answers. the only answer we got is finding him here. >> he will be cremated and remembered december 31l1stl0. two friend concord are lucky to be alive. their car fell off a freeway overpass. live in panola, what handed out there, allie? >> reporter: police believe this crash was caused by a drunk driver and they arrested the man for suspect suspicion -- for suspicion of driving drunk. he tried to make a left-hand turn at this intersection and then drifted off and crashed into the southbound side and the car crashed and landed
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completely upside down on the end of interstate 880. the 20-year-old driver was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and he was not injured and his 20-year-old passenger was also arrested. he declined to go to the hospital. they worked to repair that concrete barrier and parts of a 20-foot chunk ended up on it when the car proud through it. that repair work had been finished and it is completely open in both north and southbound directions and drivers should not notice any problems. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. president barack obama is talking about how to avoid the so called physical cliff. they will meet with laborer
5:34 am
representatives and the white house is building an aggressive campaign to avoid the approach of spending cuts which are due to take affect at the end of the year. president barack obama will try to build support for his plan which includes tax hikes on the wealthy and white house officials feel it won public support in last week's elections. and passing proposition 30 shows americans are ready to help solve the u.s. fiscal crisis. >> building roads is important, investing in schools is important, paying for the national defense is important, environmental research is important, all of that takes money. >> prop 30 does not completely solve the problems but relation generals will consider a --
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regents will consider a fee hike. thestein source -- seniors who stay long past their ability to graduate. .. >> -- graduate... they ended a legal battle that went all the way to the supreme court. it was once on federal land but this time a judge agreed to a land swap with foreign wars. >> this country has a special place in their heart for veterans and their sacrifice and this cross is something special and it's sacred ground. >> it is a replacement for across that was stolen after a 2010 supreme court memorial. it was stolen at half-moon bay and will be returned. thousands will turn out in one area i city. how this tradition grew in an
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area with 30,000 people. time now 5:35, we are getting a look at the number of solo drivers who commute to work and where they are driving from. according to san francisco, they have the lowest number of solo drivers. several people drive alone because of all the trans sits available. 6 5% in marin and san mateo counties. 536, let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. starting with highway 4, westbound, there is a crowd here and we have some crowding but for the most part, it is a nice looking drive heading out to the concord area. also the commute looks good if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza and traffic is moving nicely continuing to san francisco all the way
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through. traffic looks good on northbound 101 and 280, and according to road sensors, it looks light. let's go to steve. up towards fort brag, eureka, not much here. we do get some of the clouds but high pressure is nosing in and out so that storm track stays to the north and it may stay that way for the week. and since we are going all the way up to the oregon border, 30s and 40s on temperatures and there is an easterly breeze holding things in check. you can see the line being drawn in fort brag and i tonight think it will drop south of that. you can see how the line never really changes but it stays in
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fort brag and it stays there as the system drops here it will develop high pressure probably even thursday. things look promising but right now mostly fair weather. 60s on the temperatures, the warmest will be gilroy and santa cruz and after that, partly sunny skies, more sun to the south, transition time, the system will try and punch through, maybe some light rain late sunday into monday pam, dave? did you watch the 49ers? that was an incredible game. they got to a tie and they played without alex smith, the quarterback, what is next for him after the concussion. and plus heavy hearts a
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huge explosion, the question is how long will people be out of their homes. and that traffic looks good getting up to the tunnel, we will tell you more about the morning commute. blah blah blah. if i had a sleepover, i couldn't just move the tv into the playroom. no. we had to watch movies in the den because that's where the tv outlet was. and if dad was snoring on the couch, we muscled through it. is she for real? your generation has it made. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t u-verse. get a free wireless receiver with a qualifying u-verse plan. rethink possible.
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those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. . welcome back, good morning to you, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. some members of congress want to know when the fbi started investigating the extramarital affair of general david petraeus.
5:42 am
senator finestein said the committee should have been told about it much earlier. well the man found inside a u.s. city trash can was found as a womb was taking out her trash. union city police are investigating how he ended up there. also they are very lucky to be alive, they fell 25 feet over the pass in panola. the car plunged and police have arrested the driver on suspicion of dui. they are trying to figure out what happened over the weekend. the community came together to remember a 2nd grade teacher and her husband who were killed when their homes were destroyed. in all two homes were leveled
5:43 am
forcing 200 people from their homes. >> i was sleeping on my bed and the windows and frames everything came in through the house. my wife started screaming and i didn't know what was going on. >> the fire department is letting some people return them grab some of their belongings. they are suggesting the repair costing could cost up to $300,000. the verdict against 32-year- old frederic kosher will not be read until tomorrow. he faces a life sentence if convicted on all accounts. lawmakers have just agreed to a fiscal austerity budget next year. all of this comes after deep spending cuts and tax hikes barely passed the parliament. they are meeting today to talk
5:44 am
about whether greece has met the bailout funds. the prime minister said his money could run out by the end of the week. more students from community is driving up the number of international students in the u.s. international enrollment cost 6 5,000 on u.s. campuses. they show because of a 3% rise in students from china and a lot of those students are heading to schools in the midwest. 49ers quarterbacker all level smith will undergo a series of tests before he is set to play next week. backup quarterback led the team to a come back and david acres defended into overtime during the overtime he missed a 49- yarder. after the penalty he also
5:45 am
missed a winning goal and it is the nfl's first tie in 4 years. the raiders tied a team marker for the most points allowed. the ravens scored on 6 of their 7 possessions and they also scored on a fake field goal. and in syracuse university and san diego state faced off in an aircraft carrier. they defeated san diego state on the battle -- in a battle on the midway. because of the rain it was moved to sunday and both teams had to deal with gusty winds and organizers had some problems with one working shot clock and a scoreboard that was slow to update. more people were watching the veteran's day parade than ever before. now this parade started back in
5:46 am
1967 and they had three veterans walking the streets with a flag. organizers had 30,000 people lining the streets yesterday saluting the veterans and a lot of them were worried about the nation's wounded soldiers. >> a lot of people are coming off from service and they need a good job and they need your understanding out in the community. now they spent the day raising money for her son. he lost his left hand and both of his legs in afghanistan and he is recovering now in walter reid medical center. both are returning and stepped off the cutter, into the waiting arms of alameda of their home port. the crew members were away and traveled to the arctic they
5:47 am
were providing in the -- they were traveling to the arctic circle and keeping an eye on the deadliest catch. the next move is in march. just go to and scroll down to the video player for the memorial on veterans. starting in the east bay, we are looking at the east bay freeways on a typical monday we may be in luck. now you see some crowding on 880 up to the mcarthur maze with no major problems and we have no trouble on the bridge, this is a look at the toll plaza, you can see no trouble on the bridge. the traffic is looking good on the way to san jose and traffic is looking good on the freeways there. we have mostly clear skies
5:48 am
sunday and we have a few high clouds but it is still cold out there. a northerly breeze but still a cold morning for us. warmer weather though, a little bit today, more likely into tomorrow and also into tuesday, tuesday maybe wednesday, gradual warmup, maybe 70 but if it was not for that breeze, 36 degrees and rather chilly, i did see it in the outer sunset. that easterly breeze, i would say calm in the winds and the system is going north. it is trying punch in and any rain is about fort brag, you can see the line and we get a few high clouds, that is it. you can see we never really get south of ukiah here, a few high clouds, i will buy into that,
5:49 am
eureka and there in lice the rub late in the weekendment partly sa cold morning, still 60s on the temperatures and low to mid, the warmest will be gilroy. not much change, systems up in oregon border, i think saturday it runs into a lot of resistance may be clouds and rain sunday but don't cancel any plans. >> all right, steve. thanks giving will be a little more expensive because of the main attraction. a turkey that will feed 10 people will cost a little more than $22 this year and that's up about a dollar. the toast tall cost is up 3% more -- total cost is up 3% more. they will have to pay 6% more for health insurance and
5:50 am
they are deciding to go without health insurance coverage. they are expected to increase about 6-point 5%. >> take the shot... >> i can't. take the bloody shot. .. >> double 07 number one sky fall halled in $87.8 million, that is a record for a james bond movie. they still took in $33 million and flight 2 rounds sought the second. what cal trans is saying about 4 5,000 tons of concrete and what will happen later today. plus details about why a plane crashed in central
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california. download that free app, click on the live icon and watch all the news live on your smart phone. be connected any time anywhere.
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too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin . good morning, cold out there, high clouds, overall it
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will be mostly sunny, maybe partly cloudy to the north highs in the 60s. there is a lot of snow in the sierra. look at nyak, causing a lot of spin outs on the road, causing spin outs and which by the way is open from 9 to 9 and they are due to open on friday. well, federal investigators are looking into a small plane crash in fresno. two people were killed when a
5:55 am
crash happened in schaefer lake. one man on board was a doctor for messy in springfield -- mercy in springfield, missouri and the other was a well-known businessman from omaha. and cal train is elevating the tracks where they croft in san bruno and san mateo. they will also create a new elevated station to replace the station. the work will run until 7:00 p.m. all this week and cal trans said service will not be interrupted. the new span on the bay bridge, crews have almost finished shifting 4 5,000 tons of steel and concrete from a temporary support structure. crews were worried it could have set construction back several months the new span is set to open by next year. hundreds of turkeys will be going out to several nonprofit bay organizations. this is glide memorial church in san francisco and this by
5:56 am
the way, aaa has delivered and everyone of them will be used to feed thousands here in the bay area. golden state warriors will 15 their outreach and they will be partnering with a family who will go out on a shopping spree. other players will be visiting bay area schools and they will be helping out with toy drives and serving food at bay area shelters. good morning once again, we are hoping for lighter than usual traffic day and many schools are taking off which makes it easier. northbound 280 looks good through downtown san jose and i think you will like your commute up and over the hill. also the morning commute looks
5:57 am
good on 680 southbound and it looks good on 580 right through the livermore valley and we have not seen anymore problems getting to the area. hayward union city, 880 southbound looks good as you head south, no trouble on the san mateo or dumbarton, as you head to the peninsular i checked in with public systems and they are doing well. let's go back to the desk. hundreds of thousands of people still have no electricity two weeks after hurricane sandy. why the electric company says those lights have to stay off at least for now. here is a live picture and we will tell you why things could change in the next few hours. slower recovery, we will have your forecast in two
5:58 am
minutes as rain will be coming back into the picture. stay tuned. there are hundreds of ways people use
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